Why Qur'an 2020?

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  • Well-researched and condensed content

  • Access to the instructor + other learners through discussion groups

  • Optional quizzes & written reflection prompts

  • 20 minutes a day only!

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Instructor Testimonial

Shaikh Sajid Umar, Renowned Islamic Scholar & Teacher

“I know Hisham for 7 years now and can attest to his character, diligence in seeking Islamic knowledge, and as someone who always returns to qualified scholarship and is responsible with his knowledge. I encourage students to benefit from him and this course he has put together.”

Shaikh Dr.Sajid Umar

“If someone wants to build a foundation in understanding the Qur'an, I advise you to use this course to start with bitesize lessons and build your ability to reflect based on correct interpretation. Shaikh Salih al Usaimi's text is an excellent place to start.”

Shaikh Dr. Sajid Umar


Meet your teacher!

Hisham Jafar Ali


Hisham Jafar is the current Muslim Chaplain at University of Nottingham and a Khateeb at a number of masajid. He studied Arabic and the Islamic sciences in the UAE for a number of years and was a licensed khateeb at the age of 17. He holds a diploma in the Islamic sciences, and has been teaching Islamic studies to high school and University students for 6 years now. He has travelled around the country delivering talks to various masjids and universities, and is a keen lifelong student of the Islamic sciences.

In-Depth: About This Course

Structured Learning, Rooted in Classical Texts, Applied to Contemporary Reality

What's our goal?

The main objective of this course is to get you to reflect on the meanings of Allah's words, rather than being heavily dependent on talks and speakers to provide 'gems'. We need to engage directly with Allah's words, once we understand their meanings accurately through Tafsir.

This course was developed based on the need for structured but digestible/bitesize lessons that would be suitable for the average Muslim, especially young Muslims. Rather than going into too much depth or technicalities and differences of opinions. 

What Level of Knowledge do I need to have?

No prior knowledge. The instructor will simplify (without dumbing down), and assume you know nothing about the surahs.

How will Lessons be structured?

Every lesson will have:

  1. 15-20 minutes of video material
  2. An optional, multiple choice quiz
  3. An optional written prompt for you to submit a reflection
  4. Optional further reading material

What will be the focus of every lesson?

The instructor will focus on:

  • The central themes of every surah, and how the meanings 'flow' and link
  • Their contexts and reasons for revelation
  • Some linguistic subtleties such as the use of oaths
  • How we can apply these surahs to our own life
  • How we can reflect and think deeply about the surahs

The instructor will also draw attention to important concepts in the Qur'anic sciences such as reasons for revelation, place/time of revelationand other beneficial information.

Course Textbook and Teaching Resources

Shaikh Salih al-Usaimi, a world renowned scholar who teaches in the two sacred masjids in Makkah and Madinah, has written a summarised and concise book explaining Surah al-Fatiha, and Surahs Duha to Al-Nas. The instructor is currently translating this book and it will be available for purchase as an e-book toward the end of the course.

We will be going through his explanation of these surahs, summarising the insights we can gain from this surah, and taking moments to reflect on how we can apply its meanings to our contexts and lives. The instructor will mainly rely on Tafsir ibn Kathir and ibn Juzay for further research and inights.

Time Commitment

Each day's surah will be approximately 20 minutes long - ideal for the busy professional or family - split into a few shorter videos according to topic, and followed by an optional quiz and reflection question to develop students' abilities to bring out their own thoughts and reflections on the surah once they understand its meanings.

Student Engagement

We will additionally have a weekly live session for questions/answers, as well as groups for communication and discussion between students and teachers.

Speaker Testimonials

“I loved how practical the course was. It’s topic is something I have always struggled with but have been to embarrassed to talk to anyone about so to get advice that’s easy to understand on how to approach the Quran was amazing.”

Student, University College London

“The practical tools on how to engage better with the Quran - understanding that engaging doesn't always come with knowing Arabic. Definitely has allowed me to see that I am capable of building a deeper connection with the Quran alhamdulillah.”

Student, UCL

“The speaker was able to deliver this course on a difficult topic and managed to keep it engaging and exactly at the appropriate level. I’m glad that he did not lose us with philosophy and theory but rather touched on many things in an ordered and concise manner. Hence, listeners were able to get an ‘all-rounder” talk with practical steps to finish. Very pleased with the talk alhamdulillah.”

Student, Queen Mary University London


"I loved how practical the event was. It’s topic is something I have always struggled with but have been to embarrassed to talk to anyone about so to get advice that’s easy to understand on how to approach the Quran was amazing."

Printable Student Workbook